Muddu Bidda

Muddu Bidda


The story revolves around a father and his two kids. It so happens that one of the kids turns to be abnormal and other is totally fit. Father always rejects the abnormal child and at the same time other kid is pampered. He feels the need of killing his own abnormal child, only for the reason that he was ashamed of him. The mother suffers through innumerable traits because of the negative feelings of the father towards the abnormal child.

What turn does the story take after two decades and who actually turns to be MUDDU BIDDA is the spice of the story. It revolves around human emotions and serves you with twists in its every turn.

It teaches you the fact that in a family the child who is loved by his parents is not the real lovable child. But the child who in turn loves his parents is actual lovable child.

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